02 November 2011

fall traditions #489-505: halloween weekend!

I love halloween. enough said. this weekend started with final fridays which is always a terrific time, then saturday we went to the importance of being earnest and that was a blast. sunday's when the real halloween fun started though. we carved pumpkins, and watched it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown, and then monday night I dressed up as a pirate and we had some awesome people over, left half to bake a terrific cake, and went extreme trick or treating, then we watched some classic Hitchcock. this is the way to celebrate, people.

_MG_2243 (2)
2011 Autumn Adventures
_MG_2287 (2)

that's all folks. promise I'll show you some more artwork in the works soon.

(source for dvd covers: google image search)

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