18 December 2013

creative endeavors.

let me just start this by saying SWEET FREEDOM! I enjoyed this semester, but I am so glad to have some time away.


these are some of the paintings I finished the semester with.

Starred Photos185

and here are the last few things I worked on in printmaking. the earth may look familiar because it's a reprint of an image from earlier in the semester. I reworked it a bit and I like it better now.
more importantly though, is my final print of the semester. I had a lot of fun with this one. I mean how can you go wrong with the moon, the best color of blue AND a silver star chart? it just makes me excited to get back to printing in january.

11 December 2013

back of the tree material.

Starred Photos186
Starred Photos187
Starred Photos188

I can't seem to get enough of Christmas music, or lights, or trees, or movies right now. maybe it's because the season seems so short this year, but I'm currently psyched 99% of the time. it's a little out of control.
anyways, my family put up the tree last week, and we had this joke about some ornaments being back of the tree material - the ones with nice personalities you know. we just like to keep it real haha. seriously though, Christmas trees are the best.