21 November 2011

what I'm grateful for today.

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in anticipation of thanksgiving, I have been writing down a few things I'm grateful for each day. just the little things that happened over the course of the day for the two weeks leading up to turkey day. but it's sorta nice because you can take a step back and see that even if the day felt completely crappy, there is always something you can be grateful for.

here are some of the the things I came up with:

eleven.10.eleven: not a lot of drawing homework
eleven.11.eleven: chinese buffet and harry potter night!
eleven.12.eleven: fast five
eleven.13.eleven: yellow sub!
eleven.14.eleven: a campus art tour instead of lecture, help when I wanted to scream at Adobe
eleven.15.eleven: a good critique
eleven.16.eleven: a new furry little friend named chloe
eleven.17.eleven: making an itty-bitty stencil, and the Kohrs getting here!

and here's a picture of the lovely chloe:

_MG_2254 (2)

and here are some of my autumn photos before it's not autumn anymore:
_MG_2241 (2)

peace friends.

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