13 July 2011

north lawrence adventure.

north lawrence is legit. that's all there really is to it. laura and I took a little adventure there a bit ago and had tons of fun walking ALL over looking for a waterfall. it was a great and sweaty time. =)

Things That Made My Day20

more photos after the jump. (LOTS more)

12 July 2011

summer evenings.

these were actually taken at the end of june, but I couldn't help but share them because I love how they turned out. the weather was amazing, the girls had put up a tent with blankets and pillows to read in, and paul was out on the back porch just playing his heart out. I grabbed my ice tea and my camera and headed out. I do love summer evenings. (before they get hot and awful of course).

first are the pictures of the books I picked up at the library book sale. I wanted to get some snaps of them because honestly they're kinda making my day.
booksale finds
summer kind of light

02 July 2011

ocean love.

well I am LONG overdue for a post and this is one I've wanted to do for a bit.
I am a huge, huge fan of the ocean. I don't think I could ever get tired of listening to the waves. I've been lucky enough to visit it a few times and that was enough to create a great, big fascination and love for it. I miss it like crazy.

I came across this on little things and had to put together some of my favorite photos.
via littlethings

these are all of ocean city and cape may new jersey.

first night at the beach

the boardwalk.
oc ferris wheel

it's just so incredible.
north beach

this is from the first time I ever saw the ocean.
cape may sunset

sunrise. this is the last time I saw the ocean. it was overcast, but beautiful still.
sand dune sunrise

and this is actually the bay, but it was not far from the ocean and a beautiful spot too.
oc bay

I really do miss it so much, but it also makes me so happy to look at the pictures. I have such fantastic memories.