23 July 2013


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went up to the big o this weekend and it was amazing. we ate and played, and ate and played, and ate and played, and watched a lot of mummy, and only suffered taco belly part of the time.
it was a summer road tripping, massive sugar eating, climbing everything kind of weekend.

15 July 2013


obviously I haven't been the best at blogging this summer, but here's a little that's been happening.
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in june, some of my favorite people in the world came to visit a couple of times. we watched a lot of BBC, enjoyed many sonic happy hours, made a game out of how many deaths etc. would be in every movie we watched, (BBC damage) and made mac and cheese pie with a bacon lattice. they're pretty amazing, for obvious reasons.
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we made a pie out of cherries from our own tree, very exciting, and I worked on some wedding invitations.
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is it sad that we definitely celebrated bastille day more than our own independence day? probably yes, but we had a great time.
saturday night we went to Le Fou Frog and ate escargot and frog legs and other crazy but surprisingly good food. sunday (the actual holiday) we ate crepes, wore stripes, listened to Bastille and Edith Piaf, and watched the scarlet pimpernel. I also wore four different sets of stripes in two day. talent, folks.

that is all.