30 May 2011

things that made my day.

just some snaps of happy moments.

23 may. clue photo shoot. one of my favorite games ever.
clue photo shoot.

26 may. getting my shirt.woot tee. it's amazing. I've already worn it twice.
shirt.woot tee!

27 may. final fridays. always a terrific time.
final fridays.

27-28 may. sale at half price books. we went to three in two days and scored some awesome finds.
half price books goodies.
half price books goodies.
half price books goodies.

28 may. firewire. so beautiful.

this summer looks to be off to a wonderful start. =)

24 May 2011

first year art recap.

brace yourself. this one's gonna be very long.

first, drawing one with one of the most hard, but supportive ladies/teachers ever.

homework number one.
homework one

mark-making and value scale.
mark making/value study

homework number two. pointillism.
pointillism - homework two

homework number three and atmospheric perspective.
homework three/atmospheric perspective

symbolism project.
symbolism project

homework number four. self portrait.
self portrait - homework four

the rest, for the brave, is after the jump.

12 May 2011

creative endeavors.

the past weekend painting adventure was such a success that I decided to have another one this last saturday. this time I gathered the troops and we had "creative time" (no joke, that's what they call it) all day. it was incredible. I wish I could spend every weekend like that.

line drawing
color palette
creative time.
in progress one.
in progress two.


05 May 2011

creative endeavors.

I've had the itch to paint for a bit now and it keeps getting put off because there always seems to be something else going on and also since it's been a while it makes me nervous, but last week I went to my first Final Fridays and it was enough of a push to get me going. saturday I just wrote the afternoon off and painted. I did sketches, tried different color palettes, all that good stuff and I finished it in a day. how amazing! that really is rather fast for me though. here are the pictures of the process. what a much needed break it was!

the sketch with tracing paper and all.

the spread.


kinda fun stuff.