26 October 2011

the day doug cancelled class.

yesterday a terrific thing happened. yep, drawing class was cancelled. it's not that I don't like that class, it's just fantastic to get a break. I still worked on my drawing, and I still went to the lecture that we would have probably gone to as a class, but the pressure was off and it felt great.

here's how my day went:

I spent the morning and some of the afternoon working on my drawing/painting while listening to Les Mis (best).
Creative Endeavors6

then I went to a lecture by a sculptor from Paris.

after that we ate dinner on the back porch because it was so nice outside.
and then I spent the evening making my first-ever stencil. it turned out a little messy so I think I'll remake it, but I liked this one enough to cover it in brightly colored dots made with a nerf dart. genius? why yes. basically it was just a lot of fun.
Creative Endeavors7

it was a wonderful day.

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  1. These are all lovely posts, Beth! Les Miserables- YES!! Also, I love your stencil and your time at the pumpkin patch looked uber fun- and the photos were fantastic!!!

    Much love,