20 January 2011

creative endeavors.

first off I have some letters that I made inspired by this post and I think they look pretty fun. you just take pages out of pretty catalogues and write your letters on them. such a good idea.

I got to use my awesome plaid packing tape which was very exciting.
IMG_9737a (2)

then this is my latest project. I got the idea from here and I'm so excited! you just finish the sentence "today was all about. . ." I think I could maybe keep this up. maybe someday I'll be creative enough to think of these things. wouldn't that be amazing? =)

year in review: october
year in review: october

16 January 2011

things that made my week.

this last real week of break has been fantastic. I'm really sad to see it go, but I think (I hope) that I'll enjoy this next semester.

10 january. a beautiful snowy day. curled up in a flannel shirt reading agatha christie. spending time by the fireplace (shocker).

12 january. spending time at "I love a mystery," and this amazing necklace that reminds me of something nefertiti would have worn.

15 january. wearing my favorite big sweater from my grandma while watching "miss potter" and writing letters.

delicious fruit tarts made by my little sister and my dad.

(another thing that made my week: some nerf wars. always a good time.)

year in review: september
year in review: september

09 January 2011

things that made my day.

2 january. christmas lights. I will really be sad when I walk into my room and don't see the glow of the lights on our house and the neighbors' anymore. it's such a nice part of this time of year.
IMG_9865 1 (1)

3 january. there are a couple of photos of this, but my favorite part of break has been being by this fireplace and tree. I think I might be a fireplace junkie.

5 january. little notes like these that show up in my room.

6 january. some fun goals I have for the next couple months. (also where my new blog banner came from) =)
IMG_8835 copy

year in review: august
year in review: august

06 January 2011

creative endeavors

I was very excited when I found this tutorial because I've been fascinated by custom bokeh for so long. it's so much fun and when I can finally get my 50mm it'll be even better! here are the pictures that resulted from my experiments with it. I tried a heart and a bird. some have the custom bokeh, some just have a bit of a frame and some almost have a fish-eye effect. it's funny what it did with a 18-55mm instead.


IMG_9721 1 (1) copy

IMG_9721 1 (4)






and here is my attempt at a retro finish. I think it looks kind of fun.
IMG_9828 copy

year in review: july
year in review: july

02 January 2011

things that made my day

oh what a really fantastic month this was. lots of firsts and lots of traditions. here are some snapshots of the moments I actually thought of my camera. most of them are pretty insignificant comparatively, but they're moments that made me smile.

8 december. pre-finals week card with a stellar acronym of my name from one of the best friends ever.

9 december. analyzing one of my favorite paintings for one of my favorite classes.
1 (3)

13 december. relaxing in the afternoon sun coming through my window.
1 (10)

14 december. this was one of those ah-ha moments where I did something, realized what I had done, and understood why it is that I'm going into art. I was sitting there banging my head against the wall trying to study the delian league for my final the next day and I saw this little patch of colored light. my first reaction was to find my camera and get a picture because it was really pretty sitting there on my paper. the artistic side always wins out. (or the ADD side I suppose)
1 (13)

23 december. a christmas eve eve bonfire with the neighbors.

27 december. curled up in that afternoon sun with my new slippers, reading the new toast. I've been playing with multiple exposures lately. I really like how the map looks over this.
Things That Made My Day3

good times.

year in review: june
year in review: june