29 March 2011

things that made my day: downtown edition.

last tuesday while my sister was back for spring break, we decided to revisit some of our spring break traditions from past years in the form of a downtown day. we don't get down there as much as we'd like, but we make it happen when we can.

first up was d'Bronx. we ate delicious pizza bigger than our heads.

then we left our mark. hot rod style.

next we visited prospero's and scored some fantastic old books and played on the awesome sliding ladders.

then we just walked that street, visiting the shops and checking out the graffiti and flags.

one of these shops had a real life rowdy. he was too legit to quit.
real life rowdy.

then we headed up to the memorial arch. not only is the arch itself fantastic, but there is a great view of the kc skyline from there.
the memorial arch.

after that we went down to the heart of the city and walked around.
downtown kc.

saw the fantastic library. (brilliant design)
kc library.

saw sprawling grocery stores.
legit grocery store.

and got some fantastic bubble tea.
bubble tea.

it was a stellar day to say the least. I'm a huge fan of kc.
downtown kc.

24 March 2011

things that made my day: spring break edition.

14 march. the construction of the giant blanket fort/man cave. watching the first of many movies in there while eating cookie dough and other snacks. (naturally the front was left open for optimum movie viewing).
blanket fort/man cave

15 march. the start of the wall art project. so convenient to have this space to work with before it's covered with paint.
wall art

16 march. lawrence day trip! taking pictures in the alleys.

eating tasty fro-yo.
3 spoons tastiness

playing harry potter clue and eating carrot cake whoopie pies.
Harry Potter Clue!
carrot cake whoopie pie

17 march. visiting the nelson-atkins.

eating foo's frozen custard.

18-20 march. a visit from the kohrs.
Kohrs visit
(note emily's expression. it makes me laugh).

I am a HUGE fan of spring break. I have even more pictures to share but I'll wait till later. very successful.

17 March 2011

creative endeavors.

here are some pictures of what I've been doing in design lately. I had the exciting idea to use twizzlers to brainstorm for the project. it was delicious and somewhat helpful actually.


I do love the black and white patterns.

here's a picture of the rough.

and here is how the final design is turning out.

14 March 2011

letter project.

here are some of the letters I've sent lately. I almost like putting these together to send as much as I like actually recieving mail. =)

for this first one I used one of my favorite pictures from my visit to the greenhouse. it was just such a neat little spot.
letter project

and for this second one I went through some fun magazines and cut out strips that looked interesting. then I just arranged them together on the front. I really like the different slices together.
letter project
letter project

sometimes I just feel more ambitious than other times. =)

13 March 2011

things that made my day.

18 february. finding inception for nine dollars at target. total score.

19 february. getting a new issue of toast.

22 february. getting lovely flowers from my brother while I was sick.

26 february. getting a letter with fun stuff in it from brazil.
_MG_0006 (2)

1 march. having a little fun while designing a business card.

5 march. getting fro-yo at cherry on top with my dad and sisters.
cherry on top
pretty tasty.
cherry on top

the last couple weeks. getting fun magazines/mail.
magazines and mail