31 August 2010

Letter Project 8.31.10

over the past year, some friends and I have been trying to bring back the fantastic art of lettter writing. it's especially fun for me because I get to make all sort of fun cards for it, and cards are one of my favorite things to make.

here is what came about today. I was feeling a bit lazy so I decided to just write said letter in a normal card I picked up in a pack. then in a fit of creative energy (probably having to do with the fact that I had just gotten home my studio drawing class, or possibly just having finally eaten haha) I decided to cover the front in a collage. the result was this. . .

collage supplies
finished product.

27 August 2010

“the morning hangs like open chords. . .”

. . . that I fill in with my own thought and words.”
so maybe it's not morning, but the sentiment seemed right. I thought it might be fun to join the blogging world, and being the crazy person I am, I chose the most insanely busy week I've had in a while to do this. smart one, I know. it has been a fabulous week though. I got to spend some time with some adorable little boys, experience the wonders of my first college art class, take photos in a seriously cool yoga studio, and lots more exciting things. it doesn't end there though. tonight I get to have a girl night with my amazing little sister. friday's are the best. I was so incredibly happy this morning when I woke up and realized that this was my last day this week. no more school til monday. so very nice.
anyways, something that I hope to make a regular deal on my blog is my “things that made my day” photos. they've been one of my favorite things to do in the past year. definitely not every day, but whenever something catches my eye, I like to snap a photo or 23 and these are what I call things that make my day. so instead of trying to get all eloquent, which I will fail miserably at, I'll end with some of my recent favorites of these photos.


the shadows from the evening sun on my door


a butterfly clip


the evening sun peeking through the trees