14 September 2012


I went to the Haskell art market on sunday. it was awesome and colorful and interesting, and I got some pretty great cards with this tribal graffiti wolf thing going on, but more importantly I learned two things.

1) my favorite way to eat things is with my bare hands, barbarian style.

2) don't wear something bright colored and distinctive if you don't want people to notice that you've circled the tents three times now.

also, the whole time I was painting today I had this stuck in my head. (I don't know if it helped or hurt my sanity)

p.s. 100th post!

11 September 2012


so first of all I'm pretty excited because I just got a new batch of postcards from Moo to send!
and second, I wanted to share this link to an awesome post about postcards. seriously it's amazing and just makes me love postcards that much more.
Starred Photos137-001
these are some that I've sent and made and received as of late.

that is all.

04 September 2012

in the meantime.

classes have kept me pretty busy so far, but I don't have a whole lot that's interesting to post yet. I may or may not post the semi-boring beginning stuff. we'll see.
however, in the meantime, here are some extra gems from the colorado trip.