31 May 2012


couple things to note:

sunday night we made a cookie dough calzone. I know this event has been blitzed all over the interwebs lately, but I couldn't skip a chance to post about food we ate inspired by epic meal time. I mean that's exciting stuff.
(it lost the calzone shape a bit, but still tasted delicious)

moo (my new favorite site) offered free business cards as a trial run thing, so I got some. I love them so much. all of them (almost) are different and so fun!
_MG_0786 (2)
Starred Photos101

also, wanted to point out that I added some links to awesome websites on the side. they're definitely worth checking out.

29 May 2012

sophomore year art - spring

here is the second half of the work I produced this year.
I created a slide show near the end of my advanced digital photography class so I'm including that here, and then I've put the few photos from the class that I took after I put that together in a new slide show with my 3D design work.

(best viewed high quality and full screen)

you can see a few more details and pictures here:


design 3D

that's all folks. thanks for watching!

22 May 2012

second year art recap - fall

this last year I produced a bit more art than the past one, so I've decided to post the semesters separately and put the work into the form of a slide show so as not to become overwhelming.

if you want a little more info, or perhaps more pictures, you can see the posts from the classes by using the links below. (though I posted some drawing and design work together so there might be some overlap)

Drawing II

Design Color

stay tuned for the spring recap!

(if you want to see last year:)
first year art recap

18 May 2012

creative endeavors.

I just had the urge to title this "she's so crafty." maybe from now on I'll be calling these posts that name. consider yourself warned.
anyways, here are some little projects I've put together recently.

I got some awesome paint markers not too long ago and I've been having a great time with them. I used them to make this kind of doodle painting.
(with an elephant naturally!)

then I made this little bookmark with gouache. it had been forever since I'd used it, and I don't think I had done any projects outside of class with the paint so this was fun.
img009 (2)

lastly is this mixed media piece I made for mother's day. it was a hot mess for a while and had to come together in a rather short amount of time, but I really like how it turned out.

16 May 2012

creative endeavors.

this is an exciting post to write, because this post is about my last ever project for 3D design ever!
for this we were supposed to be creating a display or "merchandiser" for a product, out of foam core. I chose a light bulb as my product, and after a lot of ideas I ended up going with a sort of electricity/lighting inspiration. I enjoyed this because it allowed me to do something a lot more angular than usual, however I can't say I loved the project. I made a ton of failed mock-ups and fought with the foam core a lot, so I was pretty ready to be done by the end, but I like how it turned out so we'll say it was a success.

here's some of the inspiration that I worked with at the beginning.

and here is the finished product.
Starred Photos99

and that's all folks.