29 August 2012

got out of dodge. part two.

the week after the south bend adventures, we packed up and headed west.
sometimes it's really great to just get away for a bit. colorado in the summer is a bit of break for us all, and we try to do as little as possible except sleep, eat, and hike just a little. it's completely wonderful.

Starred Photos130
(left to right - walking the yellow brick road, palm trees in colby, carson county carousel)
Starred Photos131
(the view from our cabin's front porch in estes park, card games at night, sketching by the fire)
Starred Photos132
(hiking around lily lake in rocky mountain national park with the cousins)
Starred Photos134
(Glen Eyrie -the castle in colorado springs, and the room I stayed in!)
Starred Photos133
(the swings at the Glen, castle terrace, awesome german deli in the springs)
Starred Photos135
(old colorado city, the damage from the fire, sketching on the grounds)
Starred Photos136
(our favorite coffee shop in the springs, more damage from the fire, hiking up to watch the sunset)

and now we're back to reality. the drive home was not uneventful, but we made it so that's all that matters. =)

27 August 2012

got out of dodge. part one.

back to school now, and it's been alright so far. one of the advantages of going back is that it means fall is almost here! I'm so excited.
the last couple weeks of summer seemed to feel just as long as the rest of them put together. july feels like forever ago. it's been crazy awesome though.

early this month, the sisters Kohrs (my favorite dynamic duo) and I headed to south bend to see my long lost sister for a week. it was amazing, bats and all.
some pictures of the fun:
Starred Photos127
(left to right- megabus ride that got us there, chocolate factory, old studebaker mansion)
Starred Photos128
(our favorite coffee shop -they gave us free scones!, goodwill adventures, coolest bookstore ever)
Starred Photos129
(birthday adventures - fingerpainting, chicago style deep dish pizza, best pastries ever)

we also visited the beach (and all got crispy,) watched a lot of cranford, gilmore girls, and burning love. it was terrific, and I can't wait for next time.

13 August 2012

sweet afton studio.


some quick news to share: I've just started interning with a lovely letterpress/design studio in omaha called sweet afton, and I couldn't be more excited.
they did a little interview with me recently and you can check it out here!

03 August 2012

creative endeavors.


done! I survived another studio class. what a relief. =)

this one wrapped up with self portrait overload, people.
the last homework project was two self portraits, and then the final drawing for class was another self portrait with an emphasis on exploration of materials.

here are the ones I did for homework.
Starred Photos121
(started and finished them in one very long night.)

then here is the study for the final
_MG_0013 (3)
and the final itself
_MG_0035 (2)
and some details. (I think the eyebrows may be my favorite part, oddly enough)
_MG_0036 (2)

the last couple days of working on this, my room became a bit of a studio and I survived on iced coffee with a soundtrack of count of monte cristo. it was actually a nice way to finish up.
Starred Photos122

01 August 2012

mostly matters of mail. (creative endeavors)

(the opportunity to abuse alliteration sometimes can't be passed up.)

here are some postcards I made recently, along with some cards I've made/sent.
Starred Photos119
(right above is the first installment of many mailings to my sister.)

plus a little peak at a favorite part of one of the last drawings I did this summer in class.