24 February 2011

creative endeavors.

here are some pictures of my first project for design.
I love having studio classes. it's ridiculously demanding, but pretty rewarding.
we even get to use awesome big drafting tables and then macs in this class. it has sadly taken less than two months for me to become a bit of a mac snob. I'll recover, but they really are pretty nice.

inside my bag? pretty much. these are some of my design allies.

prelim sketches.

first draft.

second draft.

third draft.

and the final draft was put into adobe illustrator (hardest part? probably yes) and is waiting to be mounted.

fun stuff.

20 February 2011

things that made my day.

here's a little peek at some of the happy little moments this month thus far.

1 february. snow day! massive amounts of snow. reading Israeli mysteries and drinking thick hot chocolate.
Snow Day

2 february. a vintage booklet on how to tie scarves. equally informative and amusing.

the beginning of new art classes.
_MG_9794 (2)

3 february. getting extra credit for taking pictures of the massive amounts of snow.

5 february. visiting a greenhouse. I love this place so much.

11 february. matching red-toed socks.
_MG_0048 (2)-1

14-15 february. hot rod themed valentines day.

19 February 2011

valentine swap

this valentine's day I was lucky enough to come across this valentine swap. I absolutely love snail mail AND valentines so this was amazing. here a some pictures of the lovely cards I received.

from Kaylyn

from Thomasina

from Mariel

from Marissa

from Amanda

this was such a wonderful experience. I really hope I get to do it again next year.

15 February 2011

things that made my valentine's day and creative endeavors

I believe that valentine's day really is one of the greatest holidays, simply because, it gives me an excuse to make cheesy cards, eat way too much chocolate cake, and participate in awesome traditions such as the annual v-day watching of "Hot Rod."
this year we decided to take the hot rod thing a little further and make hot rod valentines, and more importantly hot rod mustaches.
here are some of the classy shots of the evening.
the contemplative looks.
best chocolate cake around.

also here are a few pictures of the valentines I made. (not the awesome/cheesy hot rod ones. those might come in a later post.)

I definitely enjoyed putting these ones together.

01 February 2011

things that made my day.

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. getting back into the groove of school can be tricky. though because of the crazy weather, we've already had four snow days in the two weeks I've been back. pretty nice.
here are some highlights of the last few weeks. . .

17 january. little elephant silhouettes.

20 january. my little sister dressed up as willy wonka.

21 january. a new pin for my backpack, of an art museum no less.
IMG_9720 (2)

28 january. the pastry shop being open again, and with delicious new treats.

30 january. movie night with my little sisters. terrific time.
Girl's Night

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