26 February 2012

photo class work: architecture

our first project for my adv. dig. photo class was to take architecture photography and these are my results.
it's pretty fun so far.

JCCC Architecture-24-2
JCCC Architecture-59-2

Starred Photos69
Starred Photos71

west bottoms:
Starred Photos72

kauffman center:
Kauffman Center-4edit
Starred Photos74
Starred Photos75
Kauffman Center-266edit

holy trinity:
Starred Photos76
Starred Photos77

Westglen 18-7edit
Class Work1
Westglen 18-69edit

14 February 2012

creative endeavors: valentine's edition!

_MG_2987 (2)
_MG_2991 (2)

this first set I made for a valentine swap and I kept them simple due to time constraints. having said that, I think they're pretty fun. I took some pictures of a lace skirt I have and then put the text on top, played with the envelopes, etc. it was a good time.

Creative Endeavors13

this second set I kind of doodled with paint on some note cards, then free handed the kraft paper overlay, scanned it, printed it on card stock and doodled on top of that, then added little hearts. they actually turned out better than I expected. I like valentine's a lot.

that's all for now.
happy valentine's day, friends!

p.s. stayed tuned to see the amazing valentines I got from my swap partners!

12 February 2012

creative endeavors.

_MG_3423 (2)
_MG_3428 (2)

so here documented are some of my first 3D design explorations. intensely aggravating, but interesting and satisfying? this will be an interesting class, really. considering there creation's proximity to the wedding, these were put together under atypical circumstances (translation: some were put together around one or two a.m.), but I think in the future I'll start enjoying it more and more? and they are extremely fun to photograph so that's definitely a plus.
also, as I was putting the final designs together on an intensely frustrating day, I was thankful to have people around to bring me hot tea in a special mug to cheer me up and keep me going. check it out:


that's all folks.

10 February 2012

adventures of the little red suitcase. (part one?)

Red Suitcase-7
red suitcase
Red Suitcase-17
Red Suitcase-29

I had to do a little initial shoot for a class, and this seemed like such a fun subject. here it is all packed and ready to go, but I would love to do a whole series of photos where it travels around to different spots. though right now it's freezing outside so I'm not thinking about it. stayed tuned. . .? =)