13 November 2011


Things That Made My Day38

not every day do you get to witness 11:11 o'clock on 11.11.2011. it's pretty fun.
to make it even better, the last part of the last Harry Potter came out for this day. obviously this was cause for celebration, which included, but wasn't limited to: eating incredible amounts of food at a chinese buffet, watching both parts of the last movie back to back, and definitely stopping for a couple minutes to observe all the elevens all together.

and just for fun, here are some photos of a couple of us with the HP characters halloween weekend.
Things That Made My Day39
_MG_2243 (2)-1

that's all for now folks. . .


  1. ahh... nice pics! I need to see HP pt. 2 again! Ah! I know! P fam and K fam marathon!!! WHAAT??? Yes.

  2. this marathon sounds terrific!