07 November 2011

the one where she shows she's still being creative.

admittedly it's been a while since I've done a creative endeavors post. there's a bit to catch up on, but thankfully I don't even have pictures of it all so this post can't be TOO obscenely long.
first, some of the last few design projects we've worked on, including the finished color temp design. woot!
then the last three drawings I have pictures of.

mounting in progress.
Starred Photos48
finished! (the colors are off in the picture though, sadly)

then some tedious gouache work.
Starred Photos49

then the drawings. check out what happens when the sunlight hits a cd and bounces onto a drawing!
Starred Photos46
Starred Photos47
and now we're on to pastels!
Creative Endeavors8

till next time folks. . .


  1. Oh my goodness gracious. Wow, wow, wow. I absolutely love these!!! The first one is SO cool and I am in love with your pastel. Uhh, I can't really describe how much these are awesome. You are amazing. Period.


    p.s. what lens did you use for these photos?
    p.p.s. do you use any particular program to edit your photos?

  2. YOU are awesome, and I'm glad you like these. I'll admit I do really like how that first one turned out. you'll have to see it in person when I get it back.

    I used my regular old 18-55 on these and basically all my photos, and I used Picasa to edit them. I have photoshop, but I find that for basic touch up work picasa is faster and easier. =)
    thanks for reading!