26 October 2011

the day doug cancelled class.

yesterday a terrific thing happened. yep, drawing class was cancelled. it's not that I don't like that class, it's just fantastic to get a break. I still worked on my drawing, and I still went to the lecture that we would have probably gone to as a class, but the pressure was off and it felt great.

here's how my day went:

I spent the morning and some of the afternoon working on my drawing/painting while listening to Les Mis (best).
Creative Endeavors6

then I went to a lecture by a sculptor from Paris.

after that we ate dinner on the back porch because it was so nice outside.
and then I spent the evening making my first-ever stencil. it turned out a little messy so I think I'll remake it, but I liked this one enough to cover it in brightly colored dots made with a nerf dart. genius? why yes. basically it was just a lot of fun.
Creative Endeavors7

it was a wonderful day.

25 October 2011

fall tradition #452: pumpkin patch!

nice-ish weather? check. loads of flannel? check. much hay? check. bonfires? check. pumpkins!? check.
this past weekend we got to go to our favorite pumpkin patch. visits to the pumpkin patch are the greatest. we can break out the fall playlists, get covered in marshmallow goo, get our faces painted, AND, most importantly, eat basically the whole time. what more could you want? that drizzle to stop? we call that atmosphere.
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oh, and did I mention strawberry and cream sodas? they're pretty great too.

and that's all folks.

19 October 2011

things that made my day.

this weekend we had a picnic at the park, (ya know when the weather was still nice) and turns out all the homecoming groups chose the same spot to take pictures. super entertaining! we even got these goofy glasses out of the deal. total win.

Starred Photos41
Starred Photos42
_MG_2132 (2)

and here is some future reading, or "exciting random books about artsy things that I haven't gotton a chance to read yet, but seriously do look interesting."
Things That Made My Day36

thaaat's all folks.

06 October 2011

creative endeavors.

here are a couple of projects I've been working on lately in my studio classes.

first up is the design work. this one is one I showed a peek of before. it's the simultaneous contrast project.
the goal was to: column 1. make one value (dark/light) look like two, column 2. make one hue (color) look like two, and column 3. make one intensity (bright/dull) look like two. the middle square on each column is the same, but changes its appearance based on what it's placed on.
simultaneous contrast
simultaneous contrast

this was a contrast of extension project. we were given four colors and had to create a design where no color had more importance than another using stripes of each.
contrast of extension
contrast of extension

next is a drawing project I just turned in today. we had to make a structural line drawing on a blueprint. blueprints are fun.
basically we were to use the structure lines as a graphic element in our composition.
schematic blueprint drawing
schematic blueprint drawing

02 October 2011

weekend adventures.

final fridays was this weekend and it was especially fun for a couple of reasons. first was that we had a pretty terrific character join our crew for the weekend, (kara was in town) and second was that, in addition to all the great art to be seen, we got to see some live graffiti, and here are the pictures I managed to get of it.

final fridays
final fridays
final fridays
final fridays
final fridays

that's all folks. good times.