20 March 2012

spring break adventures. part two.

can I just say, I absolutely love break.
continuing with one of our favorite spring break traditions we headed downtown for an afternoon.

once again, we ate amazing pizza bigger than our heads at d'Bronx.

left our mark "midnight in paris" style.

visited the terrific bookstore, Prospero's.
Starred Photos84
("the place squeals with potential. and so do you!")
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and revisted the fun graffiti, sans bright flags.

did some browsing at the vintage shops on 39th. found this amazing, AMAZING jumpsuit.
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tried on fancy hats, and I channeled my inner johnny depp a bit.
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then headed up to the memorial arch. love this place
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and finished it out with some boba tea in westport.
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did I mention I got to shoot some film? good times.

want to see how we carried out the tradition last year? check it out here.

18 March 2012

spring break adventures. part one.

Chloe!! love this dog so very much.

some quality shops.
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brookside shops.
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grilling at my aunt and uncle's. (it was tasty.)
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and FOO'S.

09 March 2012

creative endeavors.

here are some pictures of the latest 3D project we did. we had to work with a semi-mass produced unit form and base the whole design on a grid. the process was far more mathmatical than I really like, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. this was also the first time I got to go out and explore different paper weights and types and I enjoyed that a lot.

this first part shows another idea I explored and still really love, but I ended up going with the other one because it was a bit more of a challenge and the grid lended itself to a little more of a unique composition.
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