29 September 2011

creative endeavors

I haven't shared any of my design work yet this semester so I think I'll do that now. I honestly don't have much to share because most of it is gone being graded and stuff, and I didn't get a chance to photograph it, but I have a couple fun peeks.

first is the simultaneous contrast project. more on that when I can show you the finished work. for now here's a look at it in the process of being mounted.
simultaneous contrast project

next is the project we're currently working on. it's the cold-warm contrast project.
this one is to be composed of two systems, each with at least five hues demonstrating a transitional shift in temperature. these systems are to be repeated in this design using at least twenty-five units of each.
this is just the computer mock-up I did to figure out my design, but it shows a bit of my process in getting to the final design. (it's the bottom right square, just fyi)
color temp project

and that's all for now folks.

28 September 2011

the one where she has a terrific weekend.

these first couple pictures are of friday night. my little sisters decided to have a picnic, and it was such a cheery little scene that I had to get some pictures.
girl's backyard picnic
girl's backyard picnic

next, after the jump, there are two events that I look forward to every september.

22 September 2011

creative endeavors.

G drawing
G detail

this first drawing was a "G drawing." we all needed to create a work using only elements that start with G, and it had to be a line drawing. I kinda LOVE how it turned out. especially the golden snitch. =)

B drawing

the second in this series we got to choose a letter and then create a drawing based on it. I chose B, and it still needed to be a line drawing. I struggled more with this, but I do like how it turned out.
I also have a few pictures to show a couple of it's stages, which I think is fun.

the initial sketch for scale.
B detail/stage 1

filling the lines in dark.
B detail/stage 2

finishing touches to give a more layered effect.
B detail/stage 3

also, 50th post!!

21 September 2011

things that made my day.

here are just a couple things that I have been enjoying since the semester started. . .

the pastry shop being open again! pastry shop pastry shop

I definitely measure time around the pastry shop. only one more day (not including today) till pastries this week!

knitting/new music.
natalie merchant
natalie merchant/knitting

I discovered the cd the other day at the library simply because the cover was so incredible. turns out it's kinda fun.
I've also been knitting a bit again when I find the time. it's such a perfectly fallish thing to do I think.

and that's all for now. look out for some fun drawings tomorrow!

for your listening experience:

08 September 2011

creative endeavors.

one thing I will say for studio classes is that I do enjoy having new artwork every week. I'm not always so motivated on my own, but during the semester, whether I like it or not, I have to make a lot. I'm also terribly happy that even when I hate drawing homework the most, it's still not math or writing stuff. =)

here are some of the things I've been working on recently. . .

this is some still life work we did to work on dynamic line quality:
Creative Endeavors3

this is the first drawing we did.
we each got a section of a Durer print to copy, and then in the last half hour we had to make it our own: Creative Endeavors4

this was our first homework drawing. we had to do a diagrammatic drawing of a trap: _MG_0428 _MG_0430

this piece is currently being graded, but here's the prelim sketch as a sneak peak: _MG_0441

annnd that's all for now.

06 September 2011

things that made my day.

trying to decide what pictures to post from the summer is far too overwhelming right now so I decided to just post my favorites from the most recent set in my "things that made my day folder." I was going for a more minimalistic look with these, and and I kind of like how it worked out. the dam is really stunning.

17 august.
shooting with some fellow camera/photography enthusiasts. what what. Things That Made My Day32 _MG_1165 (3) _MG_1169 (3) Things That Made My Day33

fun stuff.

also, I have some fun studio work to share hopefully on thursday!