30 April 2012

creative endeavors.

for this project we had to create a freestanding structure with no adhesive, inspired by a natural object, with individual units that could hold an egg.

I chose an okra for my natural object.

here is some of the construction process.
Creative Endeavors14

and here is the structure before the eggs, assembled using different methods of slitting and slotting.

this is the finished piece with eggs. (which I spray painted to look more earthy and interesting). it's supposed to have a radial feel similar to the cross-section of the okra.

that's all.

07 April 2012

things that make my day: light edition.

here are a few photos of some interesting light and lines I've seen lately. both times I saw it and couldn't help but take a few pictures. it's just sorta beautiful.

_MG_1171 (4)
_MG_1174 (4)

Starred Photos98

that's all.

04 April 2012

what happens when the weather gets nice.

we head to the park and read on the dock.

Starred Photos95
Starred Photos96
model faces.
_MG_0453 (2)
Starred Photos97
our little friend donald. he likes twizzlers too.

03 April 2012

weekend adventures.

final fridays this weekend. it's always a good time.

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_MG_0016 (3)
_MG_0017 (2)
_MG_0032 (3)
_MG_0018 (2)
_MG_0020 (2)
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_MG_0026 (2)
(I love interactive art)
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_MG_0035 (2)
I also love henna elephants. total win.
_MG_0052 (3)

there's really no need to say much. the work kinda speaks for itself, but definitely an animal thing going on. too good. I love lawrence.