19 January 2015

two thousand and fourteen

now that January is almost over, here is a look back at 2014; a year of impromptu parties, and many prints.

past years: 2013, 2012, 2011

24 August 2014


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this was one of the best summer trips, though I've loved them all. we explored, ate all the things, competed in putt putt and marshmallows, and saw even more of the castle.

17 August 2014

Hamilton workshop!

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earlier this month I got to travel to the magical lands of Wisconsin and print at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. we stayed right on lake Michigan, and explored the tiny town of Two Rivers, and now I'm in love with printing wood type.

09 August 2014


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july started in omaha with adventures, jedi council meetings, concrete tubes, wall to wall beds, and crazy good food. 6 girls, 2 air mattresses, and 2 couches = endless fun.

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then we spent some good afternoons in the west bottoms, and celebrated bastille day with even more borrowed patriotism than last year. crepes for everyone!

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later july was spent in indiana with the best hummus, many cookies, and much more america's next top model. we learned a lot about posing and what not, then binge-watched bravest warriors and ate donuts like true models. also note the best blueberries I've ever eaten pounds of in just 24 hours. picked fresh from a blueberry ranch and everything.

bring it on august!