23 November 2011

creative endeavors.

as crazy as it sounds, I think I'm finally bonding with my classes this semester. it's gotten to the point where I actually have enjoyed a project or two. what in the world haha.
anyways here is one of the last design projects I did. we had to take a section of our reference picture and mix pigments to match the colors in it, and then we had to take a section and create four different color harmonies.
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_MG_2241 (2)-1

then here are the last two drawing projects I finished. the first one with the masks may be one of my favorite works of the whole semester. it's just so bright and fun.
Creative Endeavors9
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that's all for now.


  1. as usual, you have written some lovely posts! I like the projects, and your adventure looks fun!


  2. Your posts are amazing, your artwork is amazing YOU are amazing.