23 November 2011

creative endeavors.

as crazy as it sounds, I think I'm finally bonding with my classes this semester. it's gotten to the point where I actually have enjoyed a project or two. what in the world haha.
anyways here is one of the last design projects I did. we had to take a section of our reference picture and mix pigments to match the colors in it, and then we had to take a section and create four different color harmonies.
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_MG_2241 (2)-1

then here are the last two drawing projects I finished. the first one with the masks may be one of my favorite works of the whole semester. it's just so bright and fun.
Creative Endeavors9
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that's all for now.

22 November 2011

weekend adventures.

this weekend our favorite nebraskan friends came to visit and it was epic as always. in addition to multiple marathons of a certain british mini-series, we got to visit the Nelson. never disappoints. it was even nice enough outside that we could walk through the sculpture park!

here are some photos of the adventure:
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thiebaud! and the knight.
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that's all folks.

21 November 2011

what I'm grateful for today.

_MG_2258 (2)
_MG_2259 (2)

in anticipation of thanksgiving, I have been writing down a few things I'm grateful for each day. just the little things that happened over the course of the day for the two weeks leading up to turkey day. but it's sorta nice because you can take a step back and see that even if the day felt completely crappy, there is always something you can be grateful for.

here are some of the the things I came up with:

eleven.10.eleven: not a lot of drawing homework
eleven.11.eleven: chinese buffet and harry potter night!
eleven.12.eleven: fast five
eleven.13.eleven: yellow sub!
eleven.14.eleven: a campus art tour instead of lecture, help when I wanted to scream at Adobe
eleven.15.eleven: a good critique
eleven.16.eleven: a new furry little friend named chloe
eleven.17.eleven: making an itty-bitty stencil, and the Kohrs getting here!

and here's a picture of the lovely chloe:

_MG_2254 (2)

and here are some of my autumn photos before it's not autumn anymore:
_MG_2241 (2)

peace friends.

13 November 2011


Things That Made My Day38

not every day do you get to witness 11:11 o'clock on 11.11.2011. it's pretty fun.
to make it even better, the last part of the last Harry Potter came out for this day. obviously this was cause for celebration, which included, but wasn't limited to: eating incredible amounts of food at a chinese buffet, watching both parts of the last movie back to back, and definitely stopping for a couple minutes to observe all the elevens all together.

and just for fun, here are some photos of a couple of us with the HP characters halloween weekend.
Things That Made My Day39
_MG_2243 (2)-1

that's all for now folks. . .

07 November 2011

the one where she shows she's still being creative.

admittedly it's been a while since I've done a creative endeavors post. there's a bit to catch up on, but thankfully I don't even have pictures of it all so this post can't be TOO obscenely long.
first, some of the last few design projects we've worked on, including the finished color temp design. woot!
then the last three drawings I have pictures of.

mounting in progress.
Starred Photos48
finished! (the colors are off in the picture though, sadly)

then some tedious gouache work.
Starred Photos49

then the drawings. check out what happens when the sunlight hits a cd and bounces onto a drawing!
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Starred Photos47
and now we're on to pastels!
Creative Endeavors8

till next time folks. . .

02 November 2011

fall traditions #489-505: halloween weekend!

I love halloween. enough said. this weekend started with final fridays which is always a terrific time, then saturday we went to the importance of being earnest and that was a blast. sunday's when the real halloween fun started though. we carved pumpkins, and watched it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown, and then monday night I dressed up as a pirate and we had some awesome people over, left half to bake a terrific cake, and went extreme trick or treating, then we watched some classic Hitchcock. this is the way to celebrate, people.

_MG_2243 (2)
2011 Autumn Adventures
_MG_2287 (2)

that's all folks. promise I'll show you some more artwork in the works soon.

(source for dvd covers: google image search)