28 September 2011

the one where she has a terrific weekend.

these first couple pictures are of friday night. my little sisters decided to have a picnic, and it was such a cheery little scene that I had to get some pictures.
girl's backyard picnic
girl's backyard picnic

next, after the jump, there are two events that I look forward to every september.
I'm a huge fan of fall and these things seem to be the perfect things to start the season with.
(also, a lot of times they seem to fall on the same day. exciting, no?)

first is the overland park parade. I love parades. getting to see all the marching bands, silly characters, and bonus: getting candy thrown at you.
op parade
op parade/mystery machine
(yes, that's the mystery machine)
op parade/sm west band
op parade

second is the plaza art fair. I always feel like this is a bit magical. I've always loved it. the setting is gorgeous, and then there's just so much beauty and inspiration everywhere; so many incredible interesting points of view/techniques/ideas etc. add live music and the smells of grilled food and fried food from the restaurant vendors and it's hard not to get excited. plus this year, since I've been volunteering at the Nerman, I got to go early and help out with its booth, helping hundreds of kids make stained glass buttons and stuff. loads of fun.

plaza art fair
plaza art fair/with ann
(note the Nerman tee. best part)
plaza art fair/with laura
plaza art fair/tower
plaza art fair/booth decoration
plaza art fair/shadows

LOVE the layered shadows in this one, and the concrete cutout pattern.

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