29 September 2011

creative endeavors

I haven't shared any of my design work yet this semester so I think I'll do that now. I honestly don't have much to share because most of it is gone being graded and stuff, and I didn't get a chance to photograph it, but I have a couple fun peeks.

first is the simultaneous contrast project. more on that when I can show you the finished work. for now here's a look at it in the process of being mounted.
simultaneous contrast project

next is the project we're currently working on. it's the cold-warm contrast project.
this one is to be composed of two systems, each with at least five hues demonstrating a transitional shift in temperature. these systems are to be repeated in this design using at least twenty-five units of each.
this is just the computer mock-up I did to figure out my design, but it shows a bit of my process in getting to the final design. (it's the bottom right square, just fyi)
color temp project

and that's all for now folks.

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