22 September 2011

creative endeavors.

G drawing
G detail

this first drawing was a "G drawing." we all needed to create a work using only elements that start with G, and it had to be a line drawing. I kinda LOVE how it turned out. especially the golden snitch. =)

B drawing

the second in this series we got to choose a letter and then create a drawing based on it. I chose B, and it still needed to be a line drawing. I struggled more with this, but I do like how it turned out.
I also have a few pictures to show a couple of it's stages, which I think is fun.

the initial sketch for scale.
B detail/stage 1

filling the lines in dark.
B detail/stage 2

finishing touches to give a more layered effect.
B detail/stage 3

also, 50th post!!

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