18 May 2012

creative endeavors.

I just had the urge to title this "she's so crafty." maybe from now on I'll be calling these posts that name. consider yourself warned.
anyways, here are some little projects I've put together recently.

I got some awesome paint markers not too long ago and I've been having a great time with them. I used them to make this kind of doodle painting.
(with an elephant naturally!)

then I made this little bookmark with gouache. it had been forever since I'd used it, and I don't think I had done any projects outside of class with the paint so this was fun.
img009 (2)

lastly is this mixed media piece I made for mother's day. it was a hot mess for a while and had to come together in a rather short amount of time, but I really like how it turned out.

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  1. Oy Me Guiness. So that bookmark is delish. And I'm also loving that you put an elephant on that oh-so-lovely quote. You just inspired me... excuse me while I go do art. ;)