16 May 2012

creative endeavors.

this is an exciting post to write, because this post is about my last ever project for 3D design ever!
for this we were supposed to be creating a display or "merchandiser" for a product, out of foam core. I chose a light bulb as my product, and after a lot of ideas I ended up going with a sort of electricity/lighting inspiration. I enjoyed this because it allowed me to do something a lot more angular than usual, however I can't say I loved the project. I made a ton of failed mock-ups and fought with the foam core a lot, so I was pretty ready to be done by the end, but I like how it turned out so we'll say it was a success.

here's some of the inspiration that I worked with at the beginning.

and here is the finished product.
Starred Photos99

and that's all folks.


  1. whoa. that is so incredible.

    1. thanks! you should come see it all in person sometime.

  2. that is really neat Beth! :D