24 May 2011

first year art recap.

brace yourself. this one's gonna be very long.

first, drawing one with one of the most hard, but supportive ladies/teachers ever.

homework number one.
homework one

mark-making and value scale.
mark making/value study

homework number two. pointillism.
pointillism - homework two

homework number three and atmospheric perspective.
homework three/atmospheric perspective

symbolism project.
symbolism project

homework number four. self portrait.
self portrait - homework four

the rest, for the brave, is after the jump.

design 2d, which turned out to be very enjoyable with giant macs and drafting tables, and a wonderful view.

homework number one: gestalt theory project.
homework number one.

homework number two: principles of design.

homework number three: alternating figure ground.
homework number three.

homework number four: texture project.
homework number four.

digital photography. wonderful/fun/full of shenanigans.

shapes and textures.
circles vs lines



ann portrait


spring dance

scanning and restoration.
grandma formal print

cafe abstract

I applaud you if you've made it to this point. I just couldn't help myself. it was such a wonderful, inspiration filled semester. it was no utopia, but it made me excited to continue.

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