14 April 2011

creative endeavors: holga edition.

in the last month I finally mustered up the courage to break out my holga and shoot with it. (I've had the camera for about a year now and have been to scared to use it haha) it was a tremendous amount of fun! I am completely hooked. sure it can't give me crystal clear images like my dslr, but instead it produces such unique and interesting images. I also think it pushes me to slow down and think about the composition/light/color and overall interest of each photo I take which is so good for me. with a digital camera I can take hundreds+ and sometimes I think I don't really pay as much attention with that ability. but enough talk, here are some of the photos!

our attempt at ghosting. kinda fun. =)
paul ghosting ORIG

sitting by leo the lion.
beth cafe ORIG
paul cafe ORIG

the clocktower.
paul clocktower ORIG

the dragon inn
dragon inn ORIG
the dragon inn alley.
paul dragon inn alley ORIG

the rio theatre.
paul rio theatre ORIG

we really had a delightful time.

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