29 March 2011

things that made my day: downtown edition.

last tuesday while my sister was back for spring break, we decided to revisit some of our spring break traditions from past years in the form of a downtown day. we don't get down there as much as we'd like, but we make it happen when we can.

first up was d'Bronx. we ate delicious pizza bigger than our heads.

then we left our mark. hot rod style.

next we visited prospero's and scored some fantastic old books and played on the awesome sliding ladders.

then we just walked that street, visiting the shops and checking out the graffiti and flags.

one of these shops had a real life rowdy. he was too legit to quit.
real life rowdy.

then we headed up to the memorial arch. not only is the arch itself fantastic, but there is a great view of the kc skyline from there.
the memorial arch.

after that we went down to the heart of the city and walked around.
downtown kc.

saw the fantastic library. (brilliant design)
kc library.

saw sprawling grocery stores.
legit grocery store.

and got some fantastic bubble tea.
bubble tea.

it was a stellar day to say the least. I'm a huge fan of kc.
downtown kc.


  1. okay. the fact that you used the word 'stellar' made me want to follow this blog. :)

    1. haha thanks. that makes me smile.