17 April 2011

things that made my day.

some of the random and/or fantastic moments of the last month-ish.
it's been pretty fantastic.

23 march. late night drawing shenanigans. (technically the wee hours in the morning of the 24th)
late night drawing shenanigans.

from that point till it was painted over. harry potter on the kitchen wall.
harry potter on the kitchen wall.

2 april. playing with sparklers and painting with light. (for a class no less!)
sparkler ghosting.
hot rod glowsticks.

22 march/5 april. holga adventures and fantastic memory making.
holga adventures.

5 april. spending the afternoon in downtown OP with paul.
rio theatre.

6 april. getting a wonderful/exciting/thoughtful package in the mail. more on this later, possibly.
collection swap fantastic-ness.

7 april. watching the motorcycle diaries. just as enjoyable the second time.
motercycle diaries.

10 april. spending some time with the lovely, ever amusing duo: kcor and vgil. the picture says it all.
vgil and kcor.

moment uncaptured: watching old sherlock holmes during thunderstorms while drinking hot tea. perfection.

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