24 March 2011

things that made my day: spring break edition.

14 march. the construction of the giant blanket fort/man cave. watching the first of many movies in there while eating cookie dough and other snacks. (naturally the front was left open for optimum movie viewing).
blanket fort/man cave

15 march. the start of the wall art project. so convenient to have this space to work with before it's covered with paint.
wall art

16 march. lawrence day trip! taking pictures in the alleys.

eating tasty fro-yo.
3 spoons tastiness

playing harry potter clue and eating carrot cake whoopie pies.
Harry Potter Clue!
carrot cake whoopie pie

17 march. visiting the nelson-atkins.

eating foo's frozen custard.

18-20 march. a visit from the kohrs.
Kohrs visit
(note emily's expression. it makes me laugh).

I am a HUGE fan of spring break. I have even more pictures to share but I'll wait till later. very successful.

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