27 August 2012

got out of dodge. part one.

back to school now, and it's been alright so far. one of the advantages of going back is that it means fall is almost here! I'm so excited.
the last couple weeks of summer seemed to feel just as long as the rest of them put together. july feels like forever ago. it's been crazy awesome though.

early this month, the sisters Kohrs (my favorite dynamic duo) and I headed to south bend to see my long lost sister for a week. it was amazing, bats and all.
some pictures of the fun:
Starred Photos127
(left to right- megabus ride that got us there, chocolate factory, old studebaker mansion)
Starred Photos128
(our favorite coffee shop -they gave us free scones!, goodwill adventures, coolest bookstore ever)
Starred Photos129
(birthday adventures - fingerpainting, chicago style deep dish pizza, best pastries ever)

we also visited the beach (and all got crispy,) watched a lot of cranford, gilmore girls, and burning love. it was terrific, and I can't wait for next time.

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