03 August 2012

creative endeavors.


done! I survived another studio class. what a relief. =)

this one wrapped up with self portrait overload, people.
the last homework project was two self portraits, and then the final drawing for class was another self portrait with an emphasis on exploration of materials.

here are the ones I did for homework.
Starred Photos121
(started and finished them in one very long night.)

then here is the study for the final
_MG_0013 (3)
and the final itself
_MG_0035 (2)
and some details. (I think the eyebrows may be my favorite part, oddly enough)
_MG_0036 (2)

the last couple days of working on this, my room became a bit of a studio and I survived on iced coffee with a soundtrack of count of monte cristo. it was actually a nice way to finish up.
Starred Photos122

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