21 July 2012

south bend.

so this roadtrip happened earlier this month, but it's been so crazy since that I haven't had time to post at all. my best friend/sister and her hub moved to south bend for grad school and we came along to help unpack. (mostly) good times ensued, and we got to meet ronald mcdonald, visit Lincoln's grave, and I now have a room named after me to visit. perfect. the apartment itself is completely adorable so that helped cushion the my-sister-is-now-11-hours away blow. =)

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_MG_0096 (2)
Starred Photos116
the photo below is a little peek of the "beth room"
and this is its green doorknob. too cute.
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that's all for now, but I'm headed back to visit her with some close friends in just a couple weeks. =)

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