31 July 2012

double final fridays!

last final fridays was incredibly warm. we're talking "find the place with ac and chill for a while" (literally) kinda warm. true story. but it was still just as interesting as ever. it was also my sister and bro-in-law's last weekend in town so it seemed a fitting way for them to end their time in l-town. best part of the evening was at the percolator though, where we got to fingerpaint out front. just check out the amazing creation below!Starred Photos126
photo (9)
it was immortalized in a minibook later that weekend along with other fun events of the week. (turns out minibooks are pretty fun.)
_MG_0080 (2)

then this past weekend it was time for another final fridays! this time I had awesome out of town friends that got to experience it with me.

below is one of my favorite pieces of art in l-town +my head +ryan's arm.
Starred Photos125
then there's katie and link.
Starred Photos124
"acorn's revenge" (way to go skyla!)
Starred Photos123
and ryan and krystal looking ultra natural.

good times.

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