14 February 2012

creative endeavors: valentine's edition!

_MG_2987 (2)
_MG_2991 (2)

this first set I made for a valentine swap and I kept them simple due to time constraints. having said that, I think they're pretty fun. I took some pictures of a lace skirt I have and then put the text on top, played with the envelopes, etc. it was a good time.

Creative Endeavors13

this second set I kind of doodled with paint on some note cards, then free handed the kraft paper overlay, scanned it, printed it on card stock and doodled on top of that, then added little hearts. they actually turned out better than I expected. I like valentine's a lot.

that's all for now.
happy valentine's day, friends!

p.s. stayed tuned to see the amazing valentines I got from my swap partners!

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  1. These Valentine's Day cards are adorable and so creative. Love them!