01 January 2012

2011 highlights.

inspired by some year in review/highlights posts I've seen going around, I decided to go through my photos from 2011 and put together one of my own. I've got to be honest, I came up with a lot, and I didn't even include half of it, and I didn't even have photos of half of the great memories. I'm just always so amazed looking back on my year because I have it so good, guys. it's unreal how lucky I am.
I have no idea what the future holds, and I know it may not last, (and honestly it isn't all sunshine and rainbows) but when it really, really comes down to it, I've got it good.
so instead of going into details more in words, here is a slide show of just a few of my 2011 photographed highlights.

happy new years, friends!


  1. this was awesome! ahhh I love all of your creative awesomeness. Congrats on being marvelous!


  2. thanks Lindsey! you're the best.

  3. Happy 2012! :)