01 February 2011

things that made my day.

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. getting back into the groove of school can be tricky. though because of the crazy weather, we've already had four snow days in the two weeks I've been back. pretty nice.
here are some highlights of the last few weeks. . .

17 january. little elephant silhouettes.

20 january. my little sister dressed up as willy wonka.

21 january. a new pin for my backpack, of an art museum no less.
IMG_9720 (2)

28 january. the pastry shop being open again, and with delicious new treats.

30 january. movie night with my little sisters. terrific time.
Girl's Night

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  1. legit. legit. legit. I think you should bring me an Othello and we can have movie night on Friday...