02 January 2011

things that made my day

oh what a really fantastic month this was. lots of firsts and lots of traditions. here are some snapshots of the moments I actually thought of my camera. most of them are pretty insignificant comparatively, but they're moments that made me smile.

8 december. pre-finals week card with a stellar acronym of my name from one of the best friends ever.

9 december. analyzing one of my favorite paintings for one of my favorite classes.
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13 december. relaxing in the afternoon sun coming through my window.
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14 december. this was one of those ah-ha moments where I did something, realized what I had done, and understood why it is that I'm going into art. I was sitting there banging my head against the wall trying to study the delian league for my final the next day and I saw this little patch of colored light. my first reaction was to find my camera and get a picture because it was really pretty sitting there on my paper. the artistic side always wins out. (or the ADD side I suppose)
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23 december. a christmas eve eve bonfire with the neighbors.

27 december. curled up in that afternoon sun with my new slippers, reading the new toast. I've been playing with multiple exposures lately. I really like how the map looks over this.
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good times.

year in review: june
year in review: june

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