04 February 2014

winter break-ing

here are some photos of the long lost days of winter break.
we started our northern trek in omaha, for new years with some of the greatest people ever. obviously.

Starred Photos189
_MG_0018 (7)
photo 2 (5)

after the celebration and the first snow delay, we headed to indiana to eat much breakfast food and watch copious amounts of chuck.

Starred Photos190

_MG_0051 (2)
Starred Photos198
photo 2 (4)-001

_MG_0080 (2)
Starred Photos191
Starred Photos193
Starred Photos192
_MG_0093 (4)
_MG_0097 (4)
_MG_0099 (3)
Starred Photos197

after multiple more snow delays, the last of which involved a full day of delays in the chicago amtrak station, we flew home. flying is the best. trust me.

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