04 April 2013

you deserve a donut.

first off, spring break in 1 minute:

we spent our precious off time in south bend with half the sisters' kohrs and the coolest couple notre dame could offer.
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first we stopped for the night in omaha, then started annoyingling bright and early the next morning for SB. we saw much barren waste land, and went through the birthplaces of many cool people, but most importantly, joliet - birthplace of Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson!)

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once there we participated in a native american art battle. clearly we were the best. then we ate fish and chips at an irish pub.

homework happened some of the time.

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breakfast for dinner (bowls of bacon,) and much deserved doughnuts.

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we dodged many children on an olympic sized skating rink, and ate beignets after.

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we stuffed our faces with pizza, and watched many movies while enjoying many cheesy balls.
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then of course we drove home against a snow storm, across even more barren looking wasteland than before. we stopped for a delicious dinner in omaha, and got home in time to finish all the rest of the homework due the next morning.


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  1. So your video is awesome. Just thought I'd say that.