07 October 2012

creative endeavors plus some.

I'm currently waiting for paint to dry. rather than watching it, because I feel like it's been established that's a bit boring, I'm finally posting again! people are gonna get excited. I just know it.

a couple things that have been a little awesome lately:

we went to the plaza art fair a couple weekends ago and that made for some awesome people watching, as usual.
Starred Photos140
there was some pretty interesting art too.

I played art teacher to some 5-7 year olds for four weeks, along with another awesome lady. it ended last monday and here are some adorable thank you notes I got from the deal.
Starred Photos139

these are some postcards I've sent lately. I'm trying to get more colorful with them, and I just love my paint markers.
_MG_0428 (2)

and here we have some projects I've been working on for painting. unfortunately I have basically none of my work from this class or ceramics with me, so I can't really share any of the final products. BUT these are some sneak peaks, and I'll share more when I can. I have not forgotten. =)
Starred Photos138
that is all.

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