14 June 2012

things that made my day.

June Fourth - the day I started, and promptly decided I hated, my life drawing class. fortunately that evening was super terrific thanks to my big bro alan and stephanie. we went to h&m, spin pizza, walked to FOO'S to eat the best frozen custard ever, and watched midnight in paris. clearly a wonderful night.
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June Eighth - I got to go to my first ever pow wow! seriously it did not disappoint. I'm hooked now. unfortunately, I forgot my camera and so I missed out on some amazing photo opportunities, but here are the awesome tapes that I have now so that I can listen to pow wow music whenever I want haha. (they sold tapes! how cool are they?)
_MG_1050 (3)
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June Ninth - I got to go to a fashion show downtown. it was also tons of fun! I remembered my camera for this so there are tons of pictures, but I've tried to only post the highlights. =)
it also had a triple crown summer theme, so I got to wear a fancy hat. it was awesome.
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that's all folks.

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  1. neat! wow, these pictures look like it was all a lot of fun :)