30 August 2011

the one where she apologizes for not posting in so long.

birthday food

what a month! what a summer really. I just had so many truly fun pictures that I wanted to share that I never felt like I could post them all. it has been a wonderful summer though, and school has not killed me yet so we're all good. good thing about that is that I'll have all sorts of studio stuff that I can share with all three of my followers. woot! I'm not so happy with drawing II right now because I recently lost about twenty-four hours of my life to it. I don't really like drawing. oh well, maybe some interesting stuff will come from it! =) I always learn stuff. there's a plus.

anyways, I just wanted let you and my blog know that I'm not dead, and make sure august didn't go by without at least one post. I promise to try and do better this time. once I get the routine down the chances of me posting will actually be much better. get excited world!
that's all for now.

(and yes this was written in a late night stupor)

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